Why Things Are Seen

While I've been taking photos I've been stewing on how to approach the painted component of this project. And the short answer might be: Go back to whence I came. Namely, working with patterns and negative space in conjunction with figuration. Some of my earliest concerns with figuration regarded the tension between illussionistic and flattened space but was an area of investigation I've moved away from over the last couple of years, partially out of the need to ask different questions. 

Those questions regarded the power of myth and the draw to violence, but as neither are all that evident on Op Attention, I've been thinking myself in little circles trying to move forward... when backwards might be the solution.

The images below also relate nicely to what I imagine will be a photographic component with the very loose working title of Sibling Rivalry.

But for now, painting, and for your (and my) consideration, the below:

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