The Haul into Theatre

Firstly, its important to state that I have to be careful what I type and what images I show. There are some pretty inflexible (but understandable) restrictions placed upon me in theatre. "Theatre" being Kabul.

We flew out of CFB Trenton aboard a C17 and by way of Germany and Kuwait made our way to Kabul. 7 hours, 5.5 hours and 4 hour legs respectively with stopovers for fuel and cargo.

The plane was super smooth the whole way and I imagined that a plane of this size and weight plows right through turbulence (making my phobia a non-issue).

When we crossed the border into Afstan, the red combat lighting came on and we were restricted to our seats in case evasive action was required. I've had several friends ask me if I'm nervous and as the red lights came on, I thought "nope, not yet."

From the sounds of it, once I get out of where I'm currently sequestered, the limits on photography will ease, but as I have yet to sit down with the PAfO (Public Affairs Officer) who'll tell me what I can and cannot photograph, there'll be no photos of the base.

Internet here ain't cheap and is a bit slow, but it is reliable so I'll post when I can.

Bye from the haze.


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