Honor First, Coffee Second

From the images I've posted so far, you'd think this place was abandoned. Besides the lovely, semi Brutalist-desert aesthetic that I find myself drawn to, there's the very practical issue of having to keep the privacy of the soldiers in mind. Folk in the background are fine and if I feel up to it I can ask individuals, but I have to be careful about placing humans in the frame without their permission. This is where the specifics of my project start to manifest themselves: namely, my reluctance to engage people who I don't know in conversation. This is repetition from earlier posts, but I think I'd make a lousy photojournalist.

However, I did ask the Mongolian band if I could take a couple of shots of them.

The most awesome uniforms so far are the Romanians when they wear their red and blue nylon PT gear. When I say that they look like armed football hooligans I assure you it's a compliment. I will do my best to take a shot of them, but cameras aren't allowed in the mess and that's the only place I've seen them.


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  2. Those Mongolian Band boys should be able to sort the Taliban out!