Backgrounder (military)

This blog acts as a storage house for next 12 months or so as I follow 3PPCLI as they prepare to begin The Canadian Forces' mission to train the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police Force.
Fall of 2011 is the start point for this Roto 0 but is still very much an undefined entity. Some of the soldiers are heading over in late May through July, with a later body arriving in November.

To this end, I have been out to CFB Suffield on Ex Desert Ram as 3VP participated in brigade level training. In the Fall I am slated to head to CFB Edmonton as Bravo Coy. hosts a multi-national paratroop gathering as part of their rear-party activities. At the end of the year (all future dates are planned, but not confirmed) I'll head over to Kabul (perhaps Also Marazr-i-Sharif and Kandahar) to view and document the training mission as it exists on the ground.