Heads and patches, deals and "the bug"

Day 5 of my stomach bug. Thankfully there ain't much going on here.

Today, however, I did pick up a few custom patches and a baseball cap. While I was there I picked out some extra patches for my YYZ show. It seemed important to give the embroiders their due so I mentioned I'd be showing them in Canada and asked for a few business cards. The guy responded by also throwing 10 extra patches for free.
So in total: 20 patches and a baseball camp (with a velco rectangle on front) cost me $15!

I'll take a few patch photos in the coming days, but for now, apropos of nothing above, a few portraits of late, including 2 gems: 3VP guys in sweats, smoking and an ANA guy guarding a bedframe.

Okay, back to bed with me.

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