Open the ramps. Get Ready.

This is a purely functional post to say:
I'm off to CFB Edmonton this Sunday for 10 days of documenting airborne trining, heavy weapons course and troop deployment to Kabul.

While in AB I'm also giving a couple of lectures, one at Red Deer College and the other at The Military Museums.

The TMM Talk features snacks and cocktails prior to my talk so if you feel inclined and are in the area, information can be found here

Also, by the end of November I should have my first printed manifestation of this project.
Ways of Leaving, Ways of Living will be partially pulled from these blog pages but also feature related short writing. The plan right now is to premiere it at Expozine in Montreal.

If possible I'll add content while I'm out west. Otherwise it'll have to wait until I'm back on the 19th of October.

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