And in summary (of Alberta and part 2)

I've been back a couple of days now and thought a short highlights list might be a spankin' way to post without having to think too hard. So, and in no particular order:

- Seeing Neil Connors for the first time in 19 years. Same dude, just older.
- Watching a double leg amputee Tank driver from the Strathconas dancing and hitting on women at the shitkicker bar we went to in Calgary
- Sunrises out on the dropzone
- The gracious hospitality and support of 3VP (Thanks especially to CO, Maj. Barry and DCO, Maj. Innis)
- Hanging out with Dan and Steve, 2 of my oldest friends (Steve beats Dan by 5 years but at our ages 5 years ain't much)
- Flying back into Toronto and descending through a Thunderstorm (I have a fear of turbulence which I am learning to manage). Then being met at the airport by Shannon with welcome home bowls of cereal.
- Getting drunk, dancing and, later, vomiting on Steve's lawn. Like Craig said after the fact, "Once a Patricia, always a Patricia."
- Mickey the Beaver
- The skid bar in Red Deer. "The Vat"??
- Having a pint at The Jr. Ranks.

In closing, a few more photos:

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