I've been away from Edmonton and 3VP for a few days now. On Thursday I hopped back on The Pooch to give a talk at The Military Museums. The talk went well (though I'm often pretty self-critical in the aftermath) and had enough interest by way of audience questions.
After that though, myself and a select few folk went to a fundraising event for PPCLI family support at some shit-kicker bar whose name eludes me. It was great to get to hang out with Patricia's past and present, but later on, things got nicely out of hand.

I haven't danced at a bar or barfed afterwards for quite some time, but the old breed got me in the old mood. Dancing by myself as well as with both dudes and ladies, shots of crappy whiskey and too many bottles of Bud might have just been the ideal coda to a talk about military memoir projects. 

The next day I sent an email to another old army buddy (we're all old now) and his response to the antics was perfect: "Once a Patricia, always a Patricia.

It's also worth mentioning that, after watching an LDSH ("Strat" for short)tanker chat up a married woman on the dance floor, it was pointed out that he was a double amputee (IED). If you watched his jean legs when he danced you could tell his legs weren't fully there. Otherwise though, he danced, he flirted, he got drunk. Once a Strat, always a Strat.
(Drinking companion, Mr. Morse is below)

* * *
Today though I'm in Red Deer. Tomorrow night I'm giving another guest lecture, this time at Red Deer College. I took a ride around town (after my run around town). Here are a few choice items of Red Deerness.


  1. wow, name in lights. I like that you're above the coca cola....

  2. I know! I'm big in Red Deer.
    So is Coke.