You Take the good, you take the bad

After three weeks of dry weather the snow is falling in Kabul. In another situation that would be great. However the snow has twice forced a cancellation of my Blackhawk chopper trip to the Pakistan Border. That is a bit of a bummer to say the least, but as I just wrote in an email, 

"While it's disappointing, the option of crashing in the Hindu Kush and having to fend off Taleban and eventually survive on the flesh of my fellow travelers isn't all that appealing.
Well, it is in some ways, but those are the ways of fantasy, not the reality of bone and gristle.

I'm being taken on a tour of downtown Kabul in a couple of hours. That should be enjoyable, and you never know, there could be a bombing or a fire fight."

I'm leaving Camp Eggers today (home of ISAF headquarters and many shops) but before I depart, here are some shots of cats! As mentioned there aren't many feral cats here, but the ones that are around look tough.

Also below, a shot of the road move here, taken from a very bumpy road right around the time that locals were shining flashlights at our license plates. Not the best feeling, being caught in a tight, slow road at night, knowing people are tracking your movements.

Also, it's me right before the move.


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