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 Less than a week in theatre left now and I'm leaving Dubbs soon, to go... I know not where. As always, rolling with the given scenario (letting the ground dictate) is the best way to not get frustrated.
Here a few images and commentary from today:

 Firstly, Clouds! After 18 days in theatre I've seen the first cloudy day. And there's good old dirigible, keep watching.

 There are plenty of feral dogs around, but there's usually own one Camp Cat, and here's Dubbs'. He's pretty skittish but this morning was really eagre for some attention. Sadly, touching the "pets" is a dangerous proposition, so all she and I did was chat. Chat avec Chat.

 In the debate over whether bullet-proof glass stops bullets, the answer is yes. This was the SUV that drove us out to the old Soviet Garrison (see below).

 The Old Soviet Garrison was a gold-mine of artistic decay and the layering of decades.
Standard practice was to use Soviet newspapers for wallpaper. But both before and after, patterned wallpaper was applied.

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