The Army is chock full of acronyms and abbreviations, enough to be considered its own, exclusionary language.
"Tombstone" however, is simple and ironic.
And today I submitted my Tombstone Data in preparation for my departure for Kabul.
• Passport number
• Passport expiry date
• Date of Birth
• Security clearance
• Contact info
• Emergency contact info
• Ballistic helmet size
• Ballistic eyewear size
• Fragmentation vest size

On another form there's a request for blood type.

So, it's starting to feel real. While I still might get told "no" at the last minute, I seemed to have cleared the all-important CEFCOM Gatekeeper hurdle.
If it goes as planned, I'll be leaving Dec. 08ish but I currently have no idea how long I'll be there for.
A piece at a time is all I can ask for it seems.

Current daytime highs are around 17c. Just like Toronto but with War Rugs. And War.


  1. It's interesting on that list: the only data that isn't merely perfunctory is the "contact info". Who one puts as "contact info", on the Tombstone Data is pretty revealing, don't you think?

  2. Yeah, definitely no small decision as to who goes on it. In my case it remains Sierra Golf.