Shots and shots

And in today's seeming lead up to deployment:
Inoculation and the purchase of a back-up camera.

It was part 1 of a 2 needle treatment (plus a very tasty Life Saver lollipop) to immunize me against Hep A/B and malaria. The follow-up shot is next week.

Then it was off for a camera shopping. My budget is tight and I just need a secondary camera for a backup as well as use within the confines of crowded armoured SUVs. It wasn't my first choice but the Fuji XP30 I came home with can take a hit, is small, shoots HD etc. etc. No GPS though. Sigh.

Other'n buying a second battery for the Rebel and one of those funny, tiny Gorillapod Tripods I think I've bought everything needed. It seems best to not think of all the cash I've plonked down on gear for the three trips this year.

That sucker was really tasty.

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