"The War Profession"

Working on demos for my summer drawing course at York tonight. Teaching has taken over my life for a few weeks but I can at least spend time doing quick drawings for the class.
With that in mind, here's a collage featuring the late Tim Hetherington and the eulogy from Sebastian Junger.
If you live in Toronto there's currently an installation of Hetherington's Sleeping Soldiers series on billboards at College and Lansdowne. They are part of the Contact photo festival.

* * *

In a couple of weeks I'm cycling out to Nova Scotia, so all production will grind to a halt. Come July and August though, it's back to full speed.

The fall will be busy with many things including the launch of Heritage House's "Embedded on the Homefront" for which I have an essay as well as the cover. The cover image is below.

As it's May 24 and I'm stuck in the city I'm now gonna head over to Dufferin Grove Park with a beer and Ryan Flavelle's "The Patrol".

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