Where'd I go?

Hogboy was just complaining that activity on this blog has been slow of late.
He's right. Partially I am waiting until I have more source content to add, partially it's because time on this project has gone to a large painting that is nearing completion.

There's also the guilty pleasure of "Commando Cats" taking up more time than it should. But man, Cats+Soldiers... it's hard to say no.
See below.

However, I've also been doing a chunk of project related reading including a few Tim O'Brien books. I've quoted him here before but this morning I read this little nugget from, "In The Lake of the Woods"

"Other times he could see a man and woman swallowing each other up like that pair of snakes along the trail...first the tails, then the heads, both of them finally disappearing forever inside each other. Not a footprint, not a single clue. Purely gone – the trick of life. The burdens of secrecy would be lifted. Memory would be null. They would live in perfect knowledge, all things visible, all things invisible, no wires or strings, just that large dark world where one plus one will always come to zero."

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